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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Is a clogged drain ruining your daily routine?  Does that kitchen clog keep coming back?  Has a backed up toilet stunk up the place (and put everyone’s health at risk)?  On Target’s professional drain cleaning services in San Diego can promptly take care of all of that, and keep those problems from coming back.  Do you own or manage a commercial facility that handles food?  We’re also ready with preventive drain and sewer cleaning as well as hydro jetting services.

On Target Plumbing provides outstanding sewer and drain cleaning services throughout the San Diego area.  Fully licensed, insured, and bonded we keep costs low while maintaining the highest quality of technical and customer service.  As a full-service plumbing contractor, we’re ready, willing, and able to handle any residential or commercial plumbing problem you might have.

Drain Cleaning

It’s not a coincidence that a plunger is often used as a symbol for plumbing services.  Clogged drains are the most common reason for calling in a local plumber.  A slow running drain only gets worse, often suddenly debris blocks the last bit of opening inside the drain line.  So, other than finishing a meal or getting some sleep, there’s no good reason to put off professional drain cleaning services.

If a plunger or one or two tries with liquid drain cleaner (never use crystal lye-based products as they really do damage pipes) professional cabling (snaking) and auger equipment is the only way forward.  And if you’ve called in a “professional” a couple of times for the same kitchen drain clog problem then it’s time to call in our highly-trained experts and perhaps our advanced hydro-jetting service.

No more waiting and wondering — we’ll arrive promptly.  Our On Target Plumbing specialists will assess what’s causing the sink, shower, tub, toilet, or floor drain problem then proceed with a long-lasting cure.  Sending a cable or auger through the P-trap, U-trap, or toilet flange will completely clear clogged drains 90% of the time, even if the blockage is dozens of feet down the line.  And our residential and commercial drain specialists have the equipment, training, and experience to handle that last 10% as well.

Your Local Drain Cleaning Experts. 24/7 Immediate Response Contact Us Now!

Sewer Lines

Sometimes the obstruction lies in the sewer line between the building and San Diego main at the street (called a sewer lateral).  If so we’ll access that larger diameter pipe through a clean out access fitting or a toilet mounting flange.  But before we start aggressive sewer cleaning we’ll perform an in-pipe video camera inspection to determine the type of blockage and the condition of the sewer lines.  Common problems include inappropriate paper products and other foreign objects that got flushed, tree roots, grease and grime buildup, and damage to the pipe or fittings.  As a full-service plumbing company, we can take care of whatever problem you might have, even if there’s no alternative other than a trenchless sewer line repair or conventional spot repair.

San Diego Hydro Jetting

Sometimes cabling and augering just aren’t enough.  When that’s the situation our hydro-jetting equipment, among the latest available in San Diego, uses high-pressure jets of water to blast away accumulated grease, sludge, and food particles along the entire length of drain and sewer lines.  We can even use it to cut through tree roots.

We’ll start with a video camera inspection to assure that the sewer line is in good condition (and for some amazing before and after pictures) and then use hydro jetting to scour the inside of sewer and drain lines until they’re as clean as they were when new.  With completely clean pipes there’s no slug of grease to plug up, and new grease and grime accumulate far, far slower.