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San Diego Local Plumbing Services

Need an affordable local plumber fast?  Our San Diego plumbing services include 24 hour emergency repairs and drain cleaning with prompt on-time arrivals.  Need a great plumber for fixture upgrades, water heater installation or repair, re-piping, a kitchen remodel, or a bath remodel?  Our plumbing installation & repair experts are ready for residential and commercial projects on just about any scale.

On Target Plumbing

As a full-service plumbing company, we’d like to be your one and only plumber, and we’ll work to earn that privilege.  Our well-stocked trucks and knowledgeable dispatchers mean we complete repairs on the very first visit almost every time, no matter what the plumbing problem happens to be.  And we make sure it’s done right the first time. With certified technicians apprentice, journeyman, and master plumbers we’ll send out the best person to accomplish the job while saving your money.

Independently owned and operated we’re bonded, insured, and fully licensed.  We’re also experts in San Diego building permits and code compliance.  On Target Plumbing uses only top-quality equipment, parts, and supplies and we stand behind our workmanship.

Plumbing Repairs

Whether you need drain cleaning, tracking down a hidden leak, or the solution to an intermittent water heater problem that has others stumped, we’re ready.  Well trained in plumbing installation & repairs, our diagnostic experts go straight to the problem for efficient repairs whether that’s a dripping or noisy faucet, a clogged drain, no hot water, a broken toilet, or a leaking sewer main.  Our experienced crew includes certified specialists in leak detection, pipe repair, and slab leak repairs.  Our plumbing services have you covered.

Replacement and Installation

From sinks to advanced heat pumps hot water heaters we can take care of your replacement and installation needs.  Have a toilet that leaks and refills all the time or won’t flush properly?  No problem.  Have a garbage disposal that’s frozen, leaks, or just doesn’t do the job anymore?  Likewise.  Need an ice maker line run or a dishwasher installed?  We’re ready.  We’re also experienced in heavy-use commercial fixtures and appliances.


Plumbing doesn’t last forever.  And the soft copper pipes installed in the 1980s and the galvanized pipes before that can be particularly prone to leaks.  Old cast-iron and clay sewer lines were due for replacement long ago.  And a re-piping re-route is often the best option for a slab leak repair.  Whether replacing aging pipes, remodeling, or adding-on our re-piping services are second to none.

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Hot Water Heater Installation

Our water heater repair specialists are real pros but sometimes replacement plumbing parts aren’t available, the tank is leaking, or the unit is just getting too old to be reliable and reasonably efficient.  When you choose us for a new or replacement water heater installation we’ll help you choose the best type, size, brand, and model for your priorities and needs.  We’re skilled experts in gas, electric resistance, electric heat pump, and tankless water heater technologies.

Water Softener Systems

Like most of Southern California, the San Diego area has hard water.  Dissolved minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium) may actually be beneficial to people but they reduce the performance and efficiency (as well as the lifetime) of many appliances, including water heaters.  Hard water also leaves deposits on shower doors and dishes, and cuts the effectiveness of detergents, shampoos, and soaps.  We install whole-house water softener systems, including the latest in salt-free systems to protect the environment and your back.

We also have experts in water filtration installation, including reverse osmosis and activated charcoal types.  You can have the best in drinking water, tea, and coffee without lugging bottled water around.